About St. Alexius Hospital – Our History


The first hospital (1828) in Saint Louis was opened on Fourth and Spruce by the Daughters of Charity, the pioneers in healthcare in the city.


St. Alexius Hospital – 3933 S. Broadway, St. Louis
sah_hist_11_Untitled-1_clip_image002Fourteen hospitals served the 300,000 Saint Louis residents in the early years of the Alexian Brothers. Catholic congregations would begin and conduct seven of them. The Alexians opened the fourth hospital under Catholic auspices in the city. Today, St. Alexius maintains a Catholic Identity.

Shortly after the American Civil War, many individuals urged the Alexian Brothers at their headquarters in Aachen, Germany, to open a hospital in the United States. The Franciscan Sisters in the neighborhood, who had begun an American mission seconded the suggestion. On December 12, 1865 Brother Bonaventure received his commission as “Rector of America”.
Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick of St. Louis wrote a letter on Sept 15, 1869 approving the Alexians and urged the Catholics of Saint Louis to support their plans for a new hospital. One week later on September 21, 1869 the Brothers purchased the $25,000 Simons mansion located on five acres at Carondelet and Osage Street. Description: http://www.alexianbrothers.org/clientuploads/Archives_section_photos/History_SL_photos/SL-1_1870.jpgThe hospital was in an area called Stringtown, just 10 blocks south of several major breweries. It was surrounded by working class citizens, and was named St. Joseph’s Hospital, after the patron saint of worker. Its twelve rooms were converted into accommodations for 18 to 20 patients. The brothers, following their tradition, only treated male patients. Within 5 years the small hospital could no longer handle the steady flow of patients, and in 1873 plans were made for rebuilding. A new 4-story building was constructed that had two wings to accommodate 50 patients, and a 70-foot wide veranda. It was surrounded by 5 acres of property that included a park for recreation of the convalescents, vegetable and flower gardens, a vineyard, and a large henhouse. One of the wings housed mental patients, an emerging medical field for which the Alexian brothers were pioneers in the United States. The brothers sought to eliminate the stigma associated with mental diseases and alcoholism by including within their hospital a psychiatric division. The new building was dedicated on Independence Day, July 4, 1874, the same day General Sherman opened Eads Bridge connecting St. Louis to Illinois.

And so our history begins.  You can read more about St. Alexius Hospital and the Alexian Brothers by clicking here.


Lutheran Hospital – 2639 Miami St. , St. Louis
Description: DSCF2982_300dpi.jpgRev. John Fredrieck Buenger, Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, founded St. Alexius Hospital’s Jefferson Campus in 1858. Known as Lutheran Hospital, it was housed in a two-room residence at the corner of Broadway and Geyer. Twenty years later, in 1878, the hospital moved to its present location at 2639 Miami. Over the years it was renovated and expanded into a Medical Center occupying 11 buildings in a two-block area. In May 1984, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod sold Lutheran Medical Center to National Medical Enterprises, Inc. (NME), one of the predecessor companies of Tenet. NME acquired the assets of American medical International (AMI) in 1995 and merged both holdings to create Tenet Healthcare.  Lutheran Medical Center was the only Tenet-owned facility in the St. Louis area until 1997. Its name was changed to SouthPointe Hospital in 1999. Following Tenet’s acquisition of St. Alexius hospital in 2000, services between SouthPointe and St. Alexius were realigned, and in June 2003 both facilities began operating under one license. At that time SouthPointe Hospital’s name was changed to St. Alexius Hospital, Jefferson Campus. The Jefferson Campus focuses on specialty services including Psychiatry.


Lutheran School of Nursing – 3547 S. Jefferson Ave, St. Louis
The Lutheran School of Nursing has been educating nurses for more than 100 years. Located in South St. Louis on the Jefferson campus of St. Alexius Hospital, the School is a department of St. Alexius Hospital. We are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and have full approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing.


St. Alexius Hospital System
As St. Alexius Hospital celebrates its 142th Anniversary this year, we do so with a renewed vision. Our mission of serving the healthcare needs of this community, honoring the values of our catholic heritage, and partnering with employees, physicians and the community to bring about this mission has ensured our survival and continued growth for the future.