About St. Alexius Hospital – Leadership



The Advisory Board is the legal authority in the Hospital and is responsible for the overall planning, directing, control and management of the activities and functions of the Hospital. The Advisory Board recommends and implements Hospital policy, promotes performance improvement, facilitates and encourages quality patient care, and provides for operation of the Hospital.


skd183358sdcThe following are a listing of St. Alexius Hospital’s Advisory Board:



Russell Kraeger, M.D., Chairman, St. Alexius Hospital
Rick DeStefane, Vice-Chairman 



Brother Warren Longo, Alexian Brothers

Norbert Richardson, MD, St. Alexius Hospital

Michael Kyzer, MD

Junaid Syed, MD

Robert Griesbaum, M.D.

Sanjeev Kamat, M.D.

Christopher LaBonte, M.D.

Kathy Naufel, Geitner Nursing Home

David Armstrong, Success Healthcare Legal Counsel

Brian Dunn, CEO, Success Healthcare

Michael Motte, CEO, St. Alexius Hospital
Matthew Brandt, CFO, St. Alexius Hospital

Craig Schmid, St. Alexius Hospital






President – Mike Kyzer, M.D.

Vice President – Sanjeev Kamat, M.D.
Secretary/Treasurer – James Kelly, M.D.
Past President – Venkata Pante, M.D.


Department Directors

Anesthesiology – Brad Berstein, M.D.

Emergency Medical Services – Michael Kyzer, M.D.

Medicine – Eric Baggstrom, M.D.
Pathology & Lab Medicine – Weldon Schott, D.O.
Psychiatry – Junaid Syed, M.D.
Radiology – Patrick Cabrera, D.O.

Surgery – Russell Kraeger, M.D.


Elected Members-At-Large

Robert Griesbaum, M.D.
Kumaran Chinnappan, M.D.

Nabil Tauk, M.D.


Ex-officio Members

Matt Brandt, CFO

Michael Motte, CEO





REVISED  3/20/2015