Hospital Services – Emergency Services


St. Alexius Hospital provides emergency care in our Emergency Department at the Broadway campus. Patients are cared for by qualified physicians and experienced nursing staff 24 hours a day. Our Emergency Department is prepared to handle many types of emergency situations.

At St. Alexius Hospital we strive to give you and your family fast, attentive care upon your arrival in an emergency setting that is welcoming and communicative. Our compassionate and dedicated staff will help you receive the proper observation and treatment for your medical condition.

All patients who come in for treatment of a medical condition, regardless of their ability to pay, are entitled to a Medical Screening Exam performed by qualified medical personnel. This clinical assessment of your symptoms and signs will help us understand how to best care for you safely and in a timely manner.


For additional information about the Emergency Department, click here to read our “Understanding The Emergency Department” brochure.