Hospital Services – Lutheran School of Nursing


The Lutheran School of Nursing has been educating nurses for more than 100 years. Located in St. Louis on thehome_pic_left Jefferson Campus of St. Alexius Hospital, the School is a department of St. Alexius Hospital. It is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission {NLNAC} and has full approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing.


 The school offers today’s students a 28-month hospital-based diploma nursing program that includes both a Registered Nurse Track and a Licensed Nurse to Registered Nurse {LPN to RN] Bridge Track. In attrition to hands on clinical experience, nursing 44784_143138135724376_1765563_nstudents receive classroom instruction in the Educational Building, which includes a health science library, instructional laboratories, classrooms and conference areas. Student housing, financial aid, counseling services and leadership opportunities are available.



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