Welcome to St. Alexius Limb Preservation Center

It’s a Matter of Life and Limb


The St. Alexius Limb Preservation Center offers a multispecialty approach to prevent amputation, treat Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and heal diabetes related wounds. Vascular disease affects millions of Americans. Vascular screening provides early detection of problems that may cause circulation difficulties. Vascular screening is a painless and effective measure for the detection of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Screenings are performed by a registered vascular technologist and read by a board certified radiologist.


Our multidisciplinary approach to diabetic limb preservation also incorporates the latest technologies that enable us to provide innovative wound healing practices and non-healing wound care expertise.


In addition to specialists in vascular, plastics and podiatric medicine, we collaborate with practitioners in infectious disease, internal medicine and endocrinology, offering patients the highest possible level of care.


We work closely with primary care physicians, as well as with the patient’s home-health provider or extended care professional, to assure multidisciplinary care in wound healing.


We provide complete medical evaluations and diagnostic testing (as indicated) for each patient. The patient’s physician is continually advised throughout the treatment.